Performance Evaluation of a Parabolic Solar Cooker

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Author(s) Basil Okafor,E.
Pages 923-927
Volume 3
Issue 10
Date October, 2013
Keywords Solar Cooker; Focusing Type Parabolic; Performance Evaluation; Design; Thermal Efficiency.


Given the prevalent energy crises across the globe, it is always desired to exploit new and renewable energy sources which are readily available at almost negligible cost. Among these include solar energy with an infinite potential. Solar cookers have come in various forms: parabolic cookers, panel cookers, box cookers, and funnel cookers; each with its own design and performance peculiarities. For efficient utilization of solar energy, focusing type parabolic solar cooker was designed and fabricated, having a focal length of 47.02 cm. The performance evaluation gave a maximum temperature of 90oC at an ambient temperature of 30oC. A black pot which absorbs heat more readily than other materials was used for the performance test. Sensible thermal efficiency was found to be 19 per cent. The solar cooker was found efficient in cooking a variety of food items.

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