Simple Design of Self-Powered Lawn Mower

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Author(s) Basil Okafor
Pages 933-938
Volume 3
Issue 10
Date October, 2013
Keywords Lawn Mower; Electric-powered; Cordless; Cutting Efficiency; Collapsible blades; Rechargeable.


The design objective is to come up with a mower that is portable, durable, easy to operate and maintain. It also aims to design a self-powered mower of electrical source; a cordless electric lawn mower. The heart of the machine is a battery-powered dc electric motor. It comprises of a system of speed multiplication pulleys which drive the cutting blades and the charging unit comprising of a 12V alternator and a lift mechanism meant to alter the height of cut. This is achieved by means of a system of v-belt pulleys with minimal slip effect; collapsible blades to reduce the common problem of wear. The use of collapsible blades and incorporation of an alternator for recharging the battery make the design unique such that no engine is involved. Performance test gave a cutting efficiency of 89.55% with 0.24kN human effort. Thus, the machine is considered highly efficient and is readily adaptable to different cutting conditions.

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