Trends at Mechanizing Cassava Postharvest Processing Operations

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Author(s) Oriola, K. O | A. O. Raji
Pages 879-887
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Cassava, processing, engineering properties, tuber age, postharvest


The recent transfiguration of cassava from a low profile into an industrial raw material, coupled with the new cassava revolutionary policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria have resulted in a serious surge in the demand for cassava and cassava-based products locally and the world over. However, cassava processors are currently finding it extremely difficult to respond positively to this increase in demand due to the prevalence of the traditional processing methods employed in the processing operations. This has made the review of the current processing technologies imperative in order to address the areas requiring technical improvement and further research efforts towards the evolution of cost effective technologies with improved efficiencies which would enhance the capacity to exploit the cassava market potential the world over. Therefore, this paper reviews the presents status of knowledge as regards cassava processing technology and a critical appraisal of the existing cassava processing technologies available to cassava processors and highlights the research need towards the evolution of better and improved cassava processing equipment.

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