Using Substation Automation System for Faults Management and Analysis in Electric Power Distribution Systems in Nigeria

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Author(s) Oyetunji S.A
Pages 842-848
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Current, Electric Power Distribution, Voltage, Faults and Substation Automation


The need to evolve an indigenous solution on fault management and analysis in Electric Power Distribution System (EPDS) informed this research work on using Substation Automation for real-time fault reporting through the integration of a mobile communication-based System. The system encompasses the development of software driven hardware positioned at the remotely located Sub-stations at the Low Voltage level to keep track of the state of the network in real-time and harvests data for further processing. The detection of faults exploits threshold passing algorithm. The field implementation was carried out in Akure electric power distribution system in Nigeria. The system provides opportunity for managing faults by creating faults database and assessing the performance index. The approach offers enhanced performance over the traditional approach and provides useful suggestion to improve delivery of power to consumers.

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