Use of waste for the manufacture of Electric Power Transmission Wires

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Author(s) Hussein A. Alwan | Haidar A.H. al-Jubouri | Nabil L. Al Saffar
Pages 906-913
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords soft drink cans, scrap wire damaged, electrical conductivity, hardness, tensile, Artificial Ageing.


Aluminum and its alloys considered one of the most important engineering materials used in the industry is widely as the main material for overhead power wires because of its good electrical conductivity and lightweight, where its uses in increased steadily recently the urgent need for products and low density suit technological progress, due to the large increase in the prices of metals used in the engineering industry during the last two decades has become there is an urgent need to obtain engineering materials from (waste) and in particular that contain aluminum and its alloys. The current study conducted for the first time in Iraq, where it has been exploited waste represented soft drinks cans and scrap electric wires damaged and recycled to obtain alloy optimal standard specifications at the lowest cost and utilization in the manufacture of wire and used in power transmission lines. Adopted the current study Use Artificial Ageing treatment to improve the performance of the alloy base (A) and to evaluate the performance of the alloy (A) conducted several tests, including tests (hardness - electrical conductivity - tensile - optical microscopy imaging).

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