Capacity Analysis of a Bridge Abutment Piles by ICT Modelling Innovation

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Author(s) I. Akiije
Pages 858-866
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Retailing Wall, Foundation, Simulation, Deflection, Loads, Spreadsheet, Excel


The goal of this study is to employ an innovation through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of a model-based simulation of the estimation a bridge abutment retaining wall piles capacity. In the process, novel analysis and design while using a general purpose application program that is sound, stable, readily available and adaptable with flexibility has been employed. Before the advent of microcomputer, it was in the culture of professionals, lecturers and students of engineering using the emerging trends of slide rules, four, five and seven figures tables, and pocket calculators while solving computational problems of analysis and design by conventional hand methodology. The advent of microcomputer gave way to the use of high-level programming languages such as FORTAN, C++ and MATLAB to mention very few for computations. One of the problems usually experienced while employing high-level programming languages is coding that is not similarly to the process of computation while solving analysis and design problems by the conventional hand method. The significance of this study is that Excel program has been used as spreadsheet that solved the problems of analysing the lateral, vertical and rotational deflections of the pile foundation, together with the determination of axial loads, shear loads and moments at each of the pile heads similarly with steps taken manually but speedily and economically in an electronics environment that is also amenable to internet.

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