Stability Analysis for the Design of 5000-Tonnes Offshore Work Barge

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Author(s) Nitonye Samson | Ezenwa Ogbonnaya | Kuvie Ejabefio
Pages 849-857
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Stability analysis; Deck crane; 5000-tonnes offshore work barge; Volume displacement.


There have been several development or giant strides made in the field of marine engineering in general and the design of barges in particular. The design of a 5000-tonne offshore work barge with a deck crane is one of these feats. The determinations of optimal scantling to ensure good stability characteristics, estimation of the principal dimensions and analysis of the stability of the work barge when the crane is in offshore working condition were carried out. The hydrostatic curves for the vessel were plotted and used to determine the optimal values for safe operation of the work barge. Analysis of stability of the entire barge to ensure that the limit of load to be carried by the crane is not exceeded or points loads does not exceed a safe value for the vessel shows that the design is feasible.

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