Production of 75Pb-15Sb-10Sn / 10%v/v SiO2 Particulate Composite and Ageing Characteristics

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Author(s) Ihom, A.P. | Alabi, O.O. | Nyior, G.B. | Nor Iv, J.
Pages 893-899
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2013
Keywords Ageing, Composite, Production, Particulate, Characteristics


The research titled `production of 75Pb-15Sb-10Sn/10%v/v SiO2 Particulate composite and ageing characteristics’ has been carried out. The composite was produced using 75Pb-15Sb-10Sn alloy matrix and silica particles as reinforcing agent. The composite was produced using the stir-cast method. The reinforcing agent was produced from quartz which was ground to 63 microns passing using a laboratory ball mill. 10%v/v of the silica was added to the molten alloy during the production process. The produced composite was prepared into specimens, some of which were solution treated at 300oC and then aged hardened at various ageing times and a constant temperature of 100OC. The test specimens were then subjected to hardness test, and microstructural examination. The result of the hardness test showed that the composite in the as cast form had a hardness value of 32.5HRB which is higher than that of the ordinary alloy which is 27.7HRB. The result of the ageing characteristics showed that the best ageing time for the developed composite is 3 hours, the highest hardness value of 36HRB occurred after 3 hours of ageing. The microstructure of the composite revealed the constituent phases and gave more insight as to the hardness variation on ageing.

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