CFD Analysis of Flow Behavior in Different Syringe System

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Author(s) Haifa El-Sadi | Rabih Jamaleddine
Pages 184-190
Volume 4
Issue 4
Date April, 2014
Keywords three way check valve, syringe, CFD, travel force.


The device consists of a three way check valve connected to the syringe, compression and suction. The objective of this research is to investigate the effect of using various syringes on the fluid behavior. Theoretical analysis is carried out to study the influence of syringe diameter, valve geometry, and fluid viscosity to obtain the maximum flow rate. This work summarizes the results of the CFD analyses. In compression, the three-dimensional simulations indicate a flow turning when the syringe diameter is big. On the other hand, it is shown for small syringe diameter using low viscous fluid, the flow pattern is complex with multiple vortex structure. In suction, the syringe diameter has no effect on the pressure distribution. Future work includes improving the CFD analysis methodology. Unsteady is recommended. This study is crucial in drug delivery. Also, more studies will focus on non-Newtonian drugs.

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