Implementation of Source Routing Protocol in Hierarchical Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Author(s) G.Mary Jansi Rani | T.Selvin
Pages 191-195
Volume 4
Issue 4
Date April, 2014
Keywords Manet, Clustering, Routing, Dsr, Hierarchical, Overhead, Energy Efficient


A mobile ad hoc network is characterized by constraints such as limited bandwidth, energy constraints, less memory and processing capabilities. Also MANET’s are required to be deployed under scalable conditions for some applications. A novel self-organizing hierarchical architecture is proposed for improving the scalability properties of ad-hoc wireless networks. This paper focuses on the evaluation of routing protocols applicable to this class of hierarchical ad-hoc networks. The performance of a hierarchical network with the popular Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol is evaluated and compared with that of conventional flat ad-hoc networks using an NS-2 simulation model. The results for an example Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) scenario show significant capacity increases and reduction in control overhead with the hierarchical architecture. Simulation results using NS-2 show that our proposed scheme achieves good performance.

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