Utilization of Nigerian precious Resource in the Niger Delta Region for the benefit of the Ecosystem

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Author(s) Okotie Sylvester | Ikporo Bibobra
Pages 488-498
Volume 4
Issue 8
Date August, 2014
Keywords Gas production, utilization and flaring, economic wastage, health related diseases, Oil companies, gas processing facilities, Nigeria Government and domestic benefits.


This paper tried to provide a means of utilizing the gas flared from oil and gas field in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria domestically for the benefit of the nation. It also assess empirically the economic cost of gas flared in Nigeria from 1965 to 2008 to see the feasibility of utilizing our precious treasure ‘Natural Gas’ instead of wasting them. Data were obtained from Nigerian National Statistical Bulletin and analyzed using t test and correlation statistics in Microsoft excel data analysis toolpak. result revealed that gas flaring activities increased from 1965 – 1999 and was highest 1979. From 2000, the value has been falling and rising consistently over the years and that resulted in higher volume of gas utilized. It also showed a great disparity in the values between the volumes of gas produced and utilized which is an indication of gas wastage. Statistically, the volume of gas produced was almost equal the amount wasted and only in recent times that there was a turnaround value with gas utilized higher that the flared figure. This is an indication of improvement in the oil and gas sector, driving towards our nation’s zero flared figures. The economic analysis shows that over the study years, Nigeria has wasted enormous amount of money as discovered from the test statistics that there is significant wastage of the nation’s income as a result of gas flaring in Nigeria. Finally, a method was proposed to domestically utilize the excess gas from oil and gas production facilities for the benefit of the people living in the host country.

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