Exergoeconomic Analysis of A 100MW Unit GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine Plant in Ughelli, Nigeria.

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Author(s) D. I. Igbong | D.O. Fakorede
Pages 463-468
Volume 4
Issue 8
Date August, 2014
Keywords Gas turbine, exergoeconomic analysis, exergy analysis, exergy cost rates.


A 100 MW gas turbine power plant at Ughell, Nigeria was evaluated using exergoeconomic analysis method. These optimization was performed on engineering equation solver (EES) software to estimate the cost rate associated with all the exergy streams at cycle state points and the cost of plant final product which is electricity. Two parameters were chosen as decision variables: turbine inlet temperature, T_3 and compressor pressure ratio, r_p. Studies were carried out on the effect of variation of these parameters on the unit cost of the final product of the plant. Results establishes a relation between variation in decision variables and unit cost of product. The unit cost of product decreases to a minimum point as the decision variables increases, beyond which, it increases with further increase in the value of the parameters.. Thus, the least unit cost of product was achieved at T_3 = 1474 K and r_p = 11.4. The plant thermal efficiency is 31.05%, and overall exergy efficiency of 30.81%, identified the combustion chamber with the lowest exergetic efficiency of 54.05% accounting for the component with the largest total inlet exergy destruction value of 238.681 MW.

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