Modeling of Non-isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Adsorption Tower (CSTAT) for Sulphur trioxide Hydration using Vanadium Catalyst

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Author(s) T.O. Goodhead | M.F.N Abowei
Pages 709-725
Volume 4
Issue 12
Date December, 2014
Keywords Modelling Non-Isothermal CSTAT Sulphuric Acid


This paper presents development of design equations to evaluate the performance of Non-isothermal continuous stirred tank adsorption tower (CSTAT) for sulphuric acid production from sulphur trioxide hydration using vanadium catalyst. The performance parameters as a function of kinetics data considered in this work include reactor volume, height, space velocity, space time and heat duty. Model performance equation were developed to determine the functional parameters of the reactor. The developed performance models were simulated using Matlab R2007B within the operational limits of conversion degree and other kinetic parameters. The results of simulation demonstrated reproducible behavior as adsorption tower functional dimensions have prefect correlation to each other.

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