Design of a Mooring System for an Offshore Structure: A case study of 5000 Tonnes Offshore Work Barge (WB)

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Author(s) Inegiyemiema M | Nitonye S | Dick I.F | Erekosima A
Pages 683-692
Volume 4
Issue 12
Date December, 2014
Keywords Mooring system, offshore Structure, environmental force, fit-for-purpose mooring system.


The stability and dynamic positioning of any floating structure is essential during offshore activities. It is therefore necessary to carry out offshore mooring system analysis in order for it to withstand extreme environmental forces of wind, wave, and current that will act on the structures. This project is focused on designing a fit-for-purpose catenary mooring system to achieve the stability and dynamic positioning of a 5000 tonnes Offshore Work barge with an Helicopter landing Platform and a crane carrier. The mooring design is based on engineering and scientific principle (numerical method), in which elastic catenary equation are derived and applied to determine the dynamic response; the degree of environmental force in the floating structure and the minimum line required for mooring. Classification society of Det Norske Veritas DNV regulations were adopted.

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