Improved Traffic Control in Portharcourt using Solar Dependent Traffic Light System

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Author(s) Elechi P. | Odeyemi F.M | Yellowe K.M.
Pages 93-100
Volume 4
Issue 2
Date February, 2014
Keywords Solar, 555 timer, decade counter, R-S flip-flop, LED display


The Charge controller regulates the voltage output from the solar panel which is used to charge the battery and also the fixed logic system for control and timing, with the help of voltage regulator (LM7805 and LM7812) to achieve a steady output, which was used to power the 555-timer for the generation of pulses and Johnson counter, CD4017 (CMOS counter/divider). The CD4017 counter serves as a decade counter, decoder and synchronous counter. The decoder is clocked from the decade counter after a count of ten and its outputs are inverted and put into the clock inhibit input of ten synchronous counters. Based on the traffic flow data collected from the junction, timing was given to each of the roads so as. At the beginning of the counts, the first pulse is fed into the S-input of an RS-flip flop and the end of that same count is fed into the R-input of the same flip flop. The output of the RS flip flop is then fed into a transistor amplifier for amplification for the indicators. This is done for the Green and amber/yellow of all the roads while that of the Reds for the roads are fed into an inverter (CD40106) and the outputs are fed into the amplifier en-route to the indicators (LEDs).

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