A Model for Screening Oil Reservoirs for Carbon Dioxide Flooding

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Author(s) Ifeanyichukwu, P. C. | Isehunwa, S. O. | Akpabio, J. U.
Pages 64-72
Volume 4
Issue 1
Date January, 2014
Keywords Reservoir performance, CO2 Flooding, Enhance Oil Recovery, Design of Experiment, Reservoir simulation.


The use of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) flooding as an Enhance Oil recovery (EOR) method is well established in the petroleum industry. An important component of this process is the screening criteria used in assessing the prospective reservoirs. Most of the common screening models passively qualify reservoirs as good or poor candidates for CO2 EOR. However, the huge upfront capital investment involved in CO2 EOR projects makes it important for the development of more robust screening criteria. This study used detailed reservoir simulation and Design of Experiment (DOE) techniques to evaluate the key parameters that affect the performance of oil reservoirs undergoing CO2 flooding and develop a proxy model for the performance prediction. The key parameters affecting performance were established as reservoir heterogeneity, dip, mobility ratio of the CO2 to oil, injection rate, volume of CO2 available and the nature of the reservoir fluids. The proxy model was validated with detailed reservoir simulation and comparison with existing correlations.

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