Characteristic of Wollastonite Synthesized from Local Raw Materials

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Author(s) Majid Muhi Shukur | Elham Abd Al-Majeed | Mohammed Maitham Obied
Pages 426-429
Volume 4
Issue 7
Date July, 2014
Keywords wollastonite, solid state reaction method, XRD, SEM, B2O3 addition


In this study, wollastonite (CaSiO3) has been synthesized by solid state reaction method at temperature range of 1050-1300 ◦C from local raw materials e.g. silica sand and limestone with addition of small amount of B2O3 as a mineralizer to activate the reaction process during sintering. The resulting products are investigated employing XRD and SEM techniques. β-wollastonite was obtained at 1050 ◦C and transformed to pseudowollastonite (α-CaSiO3) at 1150 ◦C. Physical and thermal properties have been evaluated. The batch sintered at 1250 ◦C showed the highest value of density of about 1.98 g/cm3 with high shrinkage rate as compared with other batches. The results also revealed that thermal expansion coefficient is more compatible with results obtained from natural wollastonite.

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