Cost Implication of Explosive Consumption in Selected Quarries in Ondo and Ekiti State

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Author(s) Nenuwa O.B. | Jimoh B.O.
Pages 402-409
Volume 4
Issue 7
Date July, 2014
Keywords Explosive, Quarries, Langefors formula, Environmental problems, Blasting


The study involves the use of Langefors formula and other general blasting formulas to design suitable and optimized blasting parameters which will ensure minimal environmental problems and reduced production cost. Blasting data were collected from four different quarries in Ekiti and Ondo states which were used in conjunction with the recommended formulas to obtain the actual total cost of explosives consumed per blast and the ideal total cost of explosives required per blast at the quarries. On comparing the results, it was observed that the four quarries are consuming more explosive than required, with Stonework Industries Limited recording the highest cost of excess explosive per blast and Samchase Nigeria Limited had the lowest cost of excess explosive per blast. This trend translates to higher cost of production which can be minimized by adopting ideal blasting design.

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