Improved Voice/Data Traffic Performance of Cellular CDMA System

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Author(s) Elechi Promise
Pages 417-425
Volume 4
Issue 7
Date July, 2014
Keywords voice/data traffic, cellular, CDMA, SINR, LRD.


More and more wireless subscribers often access the internet through the cellular networks. The long range dependent (LRD) internet data traffic will soon dominate the conventional voice traffic. In this paper, an analytical approach to evaluate the voice/data traffic performance of cellular CDMA system using an SINR based admission control on the mobile to base station link and long range dependent variables was carried out. The SINR is modelled as an LRD process and its corresponding time-scaled process proved as having slow-decaying tail distributions which was analysed using Gaussian approximated. The results showed significant performance improvement in both voice and data traffic in terms of mean delay as well as Erlang capacity using SINR based admission control. The results also showed that the number of subscribers (voice/data) that can be supported by the trunk during the busy hour for a specified blocking probability is 2% -3%.

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