Profit Analysis of Computer Numerical Control (Cnc) System With Redundant Component And Expert Repairman

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Author(s) Vijay Kumar | Ashok Kumar
Pages 361-366
Volume 4
Issue 6
Date June, 2014
Keywords Computer Numerical Control (CNC) System, Redundant, Semi-Markov Process, Regenerative Point Technique Etc.


In this paper we discussed the model based on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system in which there is a redundant component of Mechanical (M) part. The distribution of repair time of unit is taken to be negative exponential with different parameter. The expert repairman will repair the failed unit; we assume that the expert repairman can take decision to replace the failed unit of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) if he is not able to repair the failed unit. The system is analyzed by making use of semi-Markov process and regenerative point technique.

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