Corrugated Laterite Based Ceramic Roof Tile Stabilized with Cement

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Author(s) F. O. Kolawole | S. A. Adeniji | A. T. Idowu | T. A. Owoseni | O. F. Ngasoh | W.O. Soboyejo
Pages 145-149
Volume 4
Issue 3
Date March, 2014
Keywords Cement, ceramic, corrugated, laterite, roof tile.


The use of laterite based material as ceramic roof tile contributes to the innovation and application of local materials within our immediate environment. In this study the aim is to design and produce corrugated laterite based roof tile and investigate its water absorption and penetration. Paste of laterite-cement mix was formed with water to cement ratio of 3:1. The percentage composition of the cement used was 15% and 20%. The paste was poured into a wooden frame (dimension of 200mm x 300mm x 20mm) with an underlying corrugated metal sheet, while another corrugated metal sheet was placed on the paste to ensure formation of the corrugated shape on both sides. Water analysis carried out on the cast samples showed that the sample with 20% cement composition had a better resistance to water absorption and penetration. The result of this study indicates that the formation of corrugated roofing tile using laterite material is feasible and it is possible to have good water resistant property if fully optimized.

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