Simple Design of a Dual-Powered Domestic Oven

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Author(s) Basil E. Okafor
Pages 313-317
Volume 4
Issue 5
Date May, 2014
Keywords Oven, Electric, Gas, Thermostat, Heating element, Burner


Due to irregular power supply common in developing countries, as well as growing high cost of hydrocarbon, the need arises for the development of a dual energy source that uses both electricity and gas for heating oven chambers. The dual-powered oven is a combination of components that make possible the use of alternative heat sources. The upper chamber is powered by electricity whilst the lower chamber works for the supply of gas located outside the chamber as a heat source. In the upper chamber is a heating element that generates and dissipates heat within the enclosure. The element is connected to a thermostat that regulates the rate of heat generation in the system. Cooking gas is supplied to the burner located in the lower chamber of the oven via a pipe connection to the gas cylinder. Perforations allow for heat dissipation within the lower chamber. The performance test gave oven efficiency of 95.2 per cent. The oven can be adapted for both domestic and industrial purposes and have been found very useful in bakery industries.

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