Developing a Yam Flour Processing System

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Author(s) Basil Okafor
Pages 298-304
Volume 4
Issue 5
Date May, 2014
Keywords Design, Yam Flour, Slicing, Drying, Grinding, Efficiency.


Pounded yam is one of the staple in Africa. Unfortunately its traditional method of preparation is still time and energy consuming with low production output. A faster method of preparing instant yam flour with less energy requirement is therefore needed. A brief report on the design and development of yam flour processing system is hereby presented. The preliminary design of the system was done, followed by a detailed design to determine the specifications of the component parts. The slicing unit is made of six stainless blades which slice the yam tuber into smaller sizes of 2 mm thickness. The system has efficient drying and grinding units. The machine makes an average of 2 slices per second. An output efficiency of 82 per cent was achieved. It was observed that the size of chips affected the drying rate. Boiling of the yam chips was found to prolong drying time. This is because cooked yam dices have dense structure resulting from partial or complete gelatinization of starch granules. It is thus recommended that yam chips should not exceed 5mm in thickness and should not be cooked to avoid prolonged drying. Of course the drying chamber should be insulated.

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