Development of a Motorized Pipe Bending Machine

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Author(s) Basil E. Okafor | Daniel Obiora Isiohia
Pages 305-312
Volume 4
Issue 5
Date May, 2014
Keywords Pipe bending, motorized, angle of bend, bend dies, gear assembly, manually-operated.


This is an improved design of the manually operated pipe bending machine commonly used by local metal construction workers. The design ensures a smooth operation during the bending process during which the shape or length of the pipe is bent to a required angle. The bending force is provided by means of a gear assembly, powered by a 2 Horse Power electric motor. It is desired that the pipe material permanently yields under the applied force without breaking since upon removal of the force the material is not expected to recover its original shape (plastic deformation). Thus yield stress of the range of pipe thicknesses was duly considered in the design. The bending mechanism is achieved by use of a worm and flywheel gear assembly, a protractor scale for recording the angle of bend, a detachable handle, bend dies of different sizes (between 18mm and 28mm), bearings and flexible couplings. The machine can be used in rural areas where there is no power supply. In this case, the bending fork is disengaged from the flywheel and the detachable handle is connected to manually turn the fork. The test result shows a smooth pipe bending operation up to a pipe thickness of 2mm. A square worm gave a relatively better result with the flywheel.

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