Effects of Using Biodiesel on Engine Generator Components

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Author(s) Ihwan Haryono | M Taufiq Suryantoro
Pages 256-260
Volume 4
Issue 5
Date May, 2014
Keywords Engine Generator, Used Oil, Biodiesel, Metals Wear


The purpose of using biodiesel in automotive is to save petroleum fuel consumption and improve air quality. In low composition, biodiesel has been used by the Indonesian people and have chances to be increased. The advantages of biodiesel on the engine performance have been known as well as emissions and lubrications, while the long-term effects on the engine components are still a lot of studies and researches. Wear of engine components used in an engine can be predicted by used oil analysis. This paper presents used oil analysis resulted from two series of identical tests using 3.5 kVA engine generators fuelled by 5% biodiesel (BS_5) and 50% (BS_50) in composition. Used oil analysis was done after completion of 100 hours durability tests. The results indicated that the effect of the difference in composition was not significant to the used oil conditions and component wears.

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