Humanoid Robotic Arm for Tactual Interaction with Industrial Environment by using Mobile

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Author(s) Golap Kanti Dey | Palash Kanti Dey | Mohammad Hasan Ul Islam
Pages 643-647
Volume 4
Issue 11
Date November, 2014
Keywords Humanoid robot, Degrees of Freedom, Robotic arm, Basic design, Mobile, Various types of joint


The general aim of our research is to build up a “Humanoid Robotic Arm” from the garbage materials which can support people in their daily life and also in industry. The vital component of such a robot for handling objects is the construction of its arm gripper. The design of our Robotic Arm is based on the observation of the motion range of a human arm. We have tried to depict simple mechanical knowledge to build this arm. Five DC motors are used here in five Gear boxes. The gear boxes are for the base of the arm, for the elbow, joint, shoulder joint, wrist joint and for the Gripper. Ball bearing is used here to rotate the arm 360 degree. And the brain was given to it by circuit board. The whole system is controlled by using a Mobile. We need two microcontrollers here. The used microcontrollers are PIC16F872 for receiver and PIC16F84A for controller. The designed manipulator able to perform various industrial tasks as per requirement and it has large industrially application on material handling and positioning any object or job. If we can utilize properly, industrial robots can enhance the perfection of life by releasing workers from scruffy, tiring, risky and heavy labor. In the modern world robots can cause unemployment by substituting human workers but robots also create jobs for engineers, programmers, supervisors or as a robot technician. In the era of industrial revolution in Bangladesh the uses of this kind of technology is increasing day by day.

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