Development of pulse oximeter device for the continuous monitoring of Pulse rate and Oxygen saturation percentage and its interfacing with LabVIEW

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Author(s) S.Chidambara Raja | M.N.Sarath Kumar | P.V.Mohanram
Pages 635-642
Volume 4
Issue 11
Date November, 2014
Keywords Oxygen, LabVIEW, Probe, Pulse rate, SpO2, monitor


The continuous monitoring of intensive care patients’ conditions is an important area of research in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Patients’ body behaves in a dynamic manner; hence it needs continuous monitoring and recording of their conditions. These require multi-parameter systems for continuous sensing, processing and displaying the conditions of the patient. Since these systems are non-invasive in nature, it is not easy to monitor the medical parameters of patients reliably because the monitoring techniques are very sensitive to various artifacts appearing when the person is active. To overcome these difficulties, these multi parameter monitoring devices should be incorporated with advanced signal processing systems to display the accurate values of the parameters with less cost. A multi parameter system measures the vital parameters of the human body like Saturation pressure of Oxygen (SpO2), Electro Cardiogram, Blood Pressure, etc. The system is divided into parameter based sub-modules which needs to be developed indigenously. With the objective of developing cost effective and reliable indigenous multi-parameter modules, this paper focuses on the development of one of the vital parameters namely SpO2 module (Pulse Oximeter). The market survey of the available pulse oximeter is conducted and a specification to design an indigenous SpO2 module is derived. The methodology to develop the SpO2 module is formulated. The developed module is calibrated using a simulator to give accurate and consistent results and compared against a standard module. Aftermath of the satisfactory results, the SpO2 module has been given to hospitals for real time monitoring of patients.

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