Investigating Crude Potash as Activating Agent for the Production of Activated Carbon for Gold Adsorption Operations – A Preliminary Study

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Author(s) Benjamin E. Meteku | Emmanuel G. Ankudey
Pages 606-610
Volume 4
Issue 10
Date October, 2014
Keywords activated carbon, impregnation ratio ,chemical activation, crude potassium carbonate, cocoa pod ash leachates, t-test


Activated carbon was prepared from palm kernel shell using leachates from cocoa husk ash as activating agent. At an impregnation of 1.0, the produced carbons had the best fresh carbon activity at 800°C activation temperature. Crude potash compared favourably with pure potash as activating agent in terms of selected quality indices for gold mining operations as the Independent Sample t-test employed for the analysis recorded p-values which were almost always higher than the α - value for fresh carbon activity, hardness, ash content and apparent density at 95% confidence interval.

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