GSM Based Intelligent Home Security System for Intrusion Detection

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Author(s) Omorogiuwa Eseosa | Elechi Promise
Pages 595-605
Volume 4
Issue 10
Date October, 2014
Keywords Intruder, Detector, GSM, Intelligent and Security


Conventional security systems which are the commonest form of protection to lives and properties, have certain limitations such as real time monitoring and control of activities such as intruders in the form of human beings, fire, smoke, etc. These limitations in most cases result in high financial loss to properties and lives. This work involves design and construction of GSM intelligent home security system for real time monitoring of intruders. It consist of intrusion detection sensors, (pressure, Smoke/Fire, Gas and PIR motion), wireless sensors, programmable microcontroller in embedded C language, regulated power supply unit, proteus (circuit simulator), relays, GSM modem, mobile phone, data acquisition node and an interface program development. The design calculation and analysis was carried out before it was modeled, simulated in proteus electronic simulator environment. When the PIR finds intruders ( in form of variation in temperature, gas leakage, pressure, etc), the relevant sensing device(s) respond and the microcontroller sends encoded alarm signal to the wireless sensor network established in home. The moment the alarm signal is received, it will send alarm short message to the users (owners of the building) through GSM network immediately. The design analysis and calculations were carried out and finally, a positive result was achieved.

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