Model for Evaluation of Sulphur Removal Based on Its As-Beneficiated Content and Extracted Iron Concentration during Leaching

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Author(s) T. O. Chime
Pages 566-570
Volume 4
Issue 10
Date October, 2014
Keywords Model, Sulphur Removal, Extracted iron concentration, Acetic Acid Solution, Iron Ore Leaching.


Assessment evaluation of sulphur removal was carried out based on its as-beneficiated content and extracted iron concentration during iron ore leaching. Iron oxide ore was leached in a solution of acetic acid at a temperature of 300C for 10 minutes. A model was derived and used as a tool for the analysis. The validity of the two-factorial model: γ = 0.0051α2 – 0.5105α + 0.07θ2 - 0.16θ + 12.861 was rooted on the expression γ + 0.16θ - 12.861 = 0.0051α2 – 0.5105α + 0.07θ2 where both sides of the expression are correspondingly approximately equal. Statistical analysis of the results of removed sulphur from derived model and experiment for each value of the input concentration of acetic acid shows standard errors of 4.61 x 10-5 and 1.17 x 10-4 % respectively. The maximum deviation of the model-predicted concentration of removed sulphur iron is less than 6%, implying an operational confidence level above 94%.

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