Realization of ZRP, AODV and DSR Models Based On Varied Mobility

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Author(s) Noor Fatima Rizvi
Pages 590-594
Volume 4
Issue 10
Date October, 2014
Keywords MANET, DSDV, AODV, ZRP, Packet-Loss, Average End-To-End Delay, Packet Delivery Fraction


Mobile hosts use wireless channels to communicate with fixed access points. Under the Ad hoc network configuration, nodes are required to cooperate with each other in establishing transmission paths through the network, using the limited capacity and available resources in the best possible way. The motive of all the networking protocols is to formulate such an algorithm that the nodes are able to communicate with the use of the one-hop transmission services provided by the enabling technologies to construct end-to-end (reliable) delivery services, from a sender to one or more receivers. This paper presents the performance realization of AODV,DSDV and ZRP based on Average end-to-end delay, Packet delivery fraction and Packet loss with respect to variable maximum speeds. On the basis of these models of protocols conclusions are drawn for the most appropriate one.

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