A Proposed Framework for Ranking and Reservation of Cloud Services

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Author(s) Mamoun Hussein Mamoun | Eslam Mohamed Ibrahim
Pages 536-541
Volume 4
Issue 9
Date September, 2014
Keywords New in Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Measurement, Quality of Service, Service Level Agreement, Proposed Framework.


With the growth of cloud computing, many organizations started to offer cloud services to various consumers on the basis of their functional and non-functional requirements. Currently there is no software framework which can automatically index cloud providers based on their needs. Due to plethora and the verity of cloud service offering, in this paper, we propose a new framework for ranking and reservation the cloud services which is based on a set of cloud computing specific performance and QoS attributes. Also, it provides an automatic best fit and a guaranteed delivery. Furthermore, it creates healthy competition among Cloud providers to satisfy their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and improve their Quality of Services (QoS).

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