Cross-Layer Integration Approach for Improving QoS for IPv6 Based VOIP

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Author(s) E.M. Dogo, A. Ahmed | O.M. Olaniyi
Pages 499-505
Volume 4
Issue 9
Date September, 2014
Keywords Cross-layer Integration Manager (CLM), IPv6, QoS, Telecommunication, VOIP


Voice over IP (VOIP) is today one of the most innovative IP based Communication Technologies in the Telecommunications industry. This has made it to enjoy a high degree of success in its application in small, medium and large scale enterprises, primarily to save cost as well as leveraging on its enhance functionalities such as mobility and scalability. Despite all its successes, VOIP still faces challenges with Quality of Service (QoS) degradation. This paper proposes a cross-layer model to effectively manage interactions in the data, network and transport layers guided by trade-off between three performance metrics that affect QoS of VOIP for an improved QoS for Voice over IPv6 (VOIPv6). The parameters taken into consideration in this proposed model are: packet loss, delay and throughput observe by the end-user.

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