Effect PF Pillar at Channels Bend on the Changes of Superlevation Coefficient

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Author(s) M. G. Ishak| M. S. Pallu | M. A. Thaha | dan R. T. Lopa
Pages 558-565
Volume 4
Issue 9
Date September, 2014
Keywords bend of the river, sediment, pillars, super elevation


Ideally, to build a bridge should be done on a straight section of the river in order to minimize the scouring around the pillar in the middle of the river, but this is often difficult to implement, especially in urban areas, and when straightened river or stream flow with create a shortcut channel will have an impact to the social, economic aspects of the people and it will changed the river in hydraulic aspects. Build bridges with pillars in the middle of meandering river will caused the alteration of river morphology. This study are examines the effect of the presence of bridge pillars at the channel bends that lead in transformation of the water, alteration of water velocity, as well as the morphology of the river bed. The research method conducted quantitative method approach by creating a model of the channel in laboratory. This experiment was applied at subcritical turbulent flow and 0.5
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