Comperative Performance of a Locally Developed Groundnut Decorticator with an Imported Kirlosker Decorticator

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Author(s) O.Oduma | J.C.EDEH | C.C EZE
Pages 205-211
Volume 5
Issue 4
Date April, 2015
Keywords Local and Imported Decorticator, Performance Evaluation, Decorticating Efficiency, Cleaning Efficiency, Groundnut, Threshing Intensity and Capacity Utilization.


The performance of a locally developed groundnut decorticator was compared with the imported kirlosker decorticator to ascertain and probably make optimal and effective use of locally developed decorticator as substitute for imported groundnut decorticator from India. The comparison was based on the following parameters; threshing/decorticating efficiency, cleaning efficiency, total grain losses, grain recovery range, capacity utilization and threshing intensity. Results obtained showed that the locally developed decorticator performed credibly better than imported decorticator. The local decorticator had threshing and cleaning efficiencies of 97.52% and 97.88% respectively with minimal total seed losses of 4.13% while the imported kirlosker decorticator recorded a threshing efficiency of 96.58% and cleaning efficiency of 97.66 with total seed losses of 7.94%. More so, the local decorticator recorded 97.26%, 63.84% and 0.038kw/kg for the grain recovery range, capacity utilization and threshing intensity respectively while the imported decorticator in that order recorded 93.92%, 61.24% and 0.013km/kg respectively. Therefore the locally developed decorticator could be substituted for the imported decorticator thereby conserving foreign exchange in Nigeria in addition to its low cost, easy maintenance and simple operation.

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