Effect Of Effective Specific Gravity On Vma Of Asphalt Concrete (Case Study Of Lolioge Materials Of Palu City)

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Author(s) Syamsul Arifin | Mary Selintung | Lawalenna Samang
Pages 212-224
Volume 5
Issue 4
Date April, 2015
Keywords Trial Mix, Effective Specific Gravity (Gse), VMA, Asphalt Content.


In the analysis and design of asphalt mixtures, consideration of the contributions of the three material components to the total volume of compacted mixtures has been recognized as a significant factor. The study of this component make up of asphalt mixtures has come to be known as “volumetrics.” The combined volume of entrapped air and the asphalt binder external to the aggregate, which is referred to as the voids in the mineral aggregate (VMA). The purpose of this study are: (1) To find out which of quarry has an aggregate with the best technical quality among the four quarries in the city of Palu, namely; the Suluri river, the Wuno river, the Matampondo river, and the Lolioge river, (2) To analyze the effect of specific gravity and composition of each of aggregate fraction on the Gse of combined aggregates, (3) to analyse the influence of the value of effective specific gravity (Gse) of mixed aggregate of the VMA dense asphalt mixture AC-WC at several levels of asphalt mixture , and (4) To determine effect of the level of asphalt mixture on VMA value at each of Gse value. To achieve these purpose, technical quality test comprises of bulk specific gravity, absorption, abrasion values and CBR of unbound base layer must be done. Aggregate Technical and Quality Testing, which includes testing of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, dust, sand and asphaltic material were carried out based on AASHTO and ASTM specification. Mechanical testing of materials was done by using the Abrasion Test Machine Los Angelos. The abration value indicates abrasion resistance against the destruction of the coarse aggregate (degradation) due to mechanical loading. Determination of mixed aggregat gradation is carried out using by portion method under trial mix analysis. In this concern, for performing research speciments of asphalt concrete mixtures, the performance-based specification that applying the black area or restricted zone was used as developed by SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) to prevent obtaining soft of asphalt mixture. In this research five types of Superpave gradation were designed under the trial mix method yielding 5 different types of Gse ie 2.757, 2.733, 2738, 2.731, and 2.734. From analysis it was known that at some value of Gse, increasing level of asphalt mixture causes decreasing value of the VMA, while on other Gse values, increased levels of bitumen initially is lowering the value of the VMA but yet slowly increased with increasing of binder content.

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