Predictive Analysis of Bare-Hull Resistance of a 25,000 Dwt Tanker Vessel

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Author(s) Nitonye Samson | Sidum Adumene
Pages 194-198
Volume 5
Issue 4
Date April, 2015
Keywords Ship Resistance, Tanker Vessel, Power, Hull, Displacement, ITTC, ATTC


This paper presents an estimation of bare hull resistance of a 25,000 DWT tanker vessel. It includes the study of the influences of various ship hull parameters in relations to the bare hull resistance. This work was done by numerical and model test technique based on the ITTC and ATTC recommendation. The model experiment carried shows a progressive increase in the bare hull resistance as the model speed increases, given a predictive variation in ITTC & ATTC for the actual ship at 53.748kN, 24.079kN, 44.522kN, 60.607kN and 68.819kN. This estimation serves as an operational guide for the ship as well as power performance evaluation in operation.

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