Suitability of Selected Sand Mine In Akure, Nigeria for Use as Foundry Sands in Aluminium Alloy Casting

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Author(s) JIMOH Braimoh Olanrewaju | AJIBOLA Olawale Olarewaju | BORISADE Sunday Gbenga
Pages 485-495
Volume 5
Issue 8
Date August, 2015
Keywords Sand Mine, South-Western Nigeria, Foundry Industry, Moulding Sands, Aluminium Alloy Casting


The research work is carried out to provide an insight to the vast availability of quality and quantity of quarry sands which can be mined for use as foundry sand by the numerous cottage aluminium industries in Nigeria. Four sand deposits (Ado road, Abo road, Owo road and Oda road) were mapped out from Akure in Ondo states, South-western Nigeria. The physical and chemical properties were determined as the bases for evaluation. Abo and Ado roads sand samples have well sorted grain sizes while Oda and Owo road have coarse grains size. The four selected sand samples have positive liquid limit that ranged from 3.0- 17 while only Ado road sand samples have positive values of liquid limit 5.4%; plastic limit 5.86%; plasticity index of 0.46% and shrinkage limit of 2.14%. The pH of the subsoil varies from 5.0 to 7.0 indicating that the subsoil is acidic. While the pH of the topsoil ranges from slightly acidic pH = 5.7 to highly basic pH = 8.1. The presence of macronutrients such as Ca, Na, Mg, and K in most of the sand samples falls within acceptable limits. Three of the selected sand deposits (Abo, Ado road, and Oda road) will be found suitable for aluminium casting, though all the four sand can be used for ferrous materials (steel and cast iron). Oda and Owo road have coarse grain sizes making them very useful in moulding sands in the metal foundries and cement block making.

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