Flexible Pavement Assessment of Selected Highways in Ifelodun Local Government, Ikirun-Osun, South – Western, Nigeria

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Author(s) Bello, Afeez Adefemi | Atilola, Ajibola Ibrahim
Pages 475-484
Volume 5
Issue 8
Date August, 2015
Keywords Geotechnical Analysis, Manual Survey, Subgrade Material.


The condition and adequacy of the highway is often judged by the smoothness or roughness of the pavement; deficient pavement conditions can result in increased user costs and travel delays, braking and fuel consumption, vehicle repairs and probability of increased crashes. In this study the following processes were carried out: interview sessions with relevant parties, site observations, site pictures were collected during observation, Manual survey of pavement and geotechnical laboratory of road subgrade soil was carried out in accordance to B.S 1377. Road RD5 and RD4 are in good condition, RD1 and RD2 are in fairly good state condition while RD6 and RD7 are in poor state condition. Compaction test using British standard light; maximum dry density ranges from between 1420kg/m3 and 1722kg/m3, while the optimum moisture content ranges between 8.7% and 20.1% , Unconfined compressive strength test ranges between 16.88 kN/m^2 to 573kN/m^2 The values of California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of un-soaked soil samples were within the range of 10% and 55%. Result of analysis Ifelodun local Government area shows the subgrade materials under failed and unfailed portion of the roads are suitable.On the basis of finding, the likely causes of failure may be due to inadequate drainage, poor design and construction, poor maintenances culture among others. It has been proposed that failed deteriorated beyond rehabilitation should be completely redesigned and reconstructed to standard, in addition, subsequent drains in Ifelodun Local Government should be constructed with reinforced concrete, and thickness of HMA asphalt subsequently increase.

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