Designing Single and Double-Arm Spiral Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting

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Author(s) Yashanshu Jain | Atreyo Mukherjee | Akash Gupta | Usha Kiran K
Pages 454-457
Volume 5
Issue 8
Date August, 2015
Keywords Spiral Antenna, Theoretical Modelling, Ultra-Wide Band, Wireless Communication.


RF energy harvesting is an important field of study as it has the potential to generate power from ambient sources, which can be further used to run low power devices. In this paper, we propose two distinct designs of spiral slot antenna as ‘a single arm’ and ‘a double arm’ spiral antenna for RF energy harvesting systems. Both antennas were designed on a FR-4 epoxy substrate and were simulated to recover wideband energy from sources present in the environment like GSM, WiMax. Next the efficiency of both antennas was analyzed by comparing parameters like return loss.

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