Preparation of Bio-Fuel by Catalytic Cracking of Mahua Oil and Its Impact on a Diesel Engine Performance

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Author(s) N.Muthukumaran | C.G. Saravanan | B. Prem Anand
Pages 467-474
Volume 5
Issue 8
Date August, 2015
Keywords Biodiesel, Catalytic Cracking, Mahuaoil, Coal Fly Ash and Emissions


In this paper, the process parameter evaluation and catalyst performance studies were conducted to produce biofuel from Mahuaoil andcoal fly ash (CFA) selected as a catalyst and biofuel was produced in the fixed bed catalytic cracking reactor at temperatures ranging from 400 C to 450 C under atmospheric pressure. The properties of produced biofuels were compared with the ASTM D6751 standards. The resulting biofuels were characterized by FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer) and GC-MS (Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometer). The performance of engine emission and combustion parameters were investigated with various blends. Thepeak cylinder pressure and the heat release rate (HRRs) for B25 Mahua blends are slightly higher than other blends. Decreased in NOx emission for B100 with increasing the concentration of the Mahua blends but on the other hand the CO and HC emission were slightly increased with all load.

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