Crystallization Behavior of Synthesized Zeolite-A from Iraqi Kaolin

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Author(s) Majid M. Shukur
Pages 617-622
Volume 5
Issue 12
Date December, 2015
Keywords Iraqi Kaolin, Zeolite-A, Hydrothermal Synthesis.


In this study, Iraqi kaolin deposits were used as starting materials in synthesis of zeolite-A. The kaolin was converted into metakaolin by a process of calcinations at 582 °C for 90 min. The amorphous aluminum silicate of metakaolin was mixed hydrothermally with 3M of NaOH solution via two tools (autoclave and condenser) for different reaction times. XRD, FTIR, and SEM techniques were applied to specify the crystalline phases appeared during the reaction time. The alkalinity environment, pressure, and the stirring action were played the principal role in crystallization of zeolite-A. In an autoclave instrument, the zeolite-A was grown at early time of reaction and gradually faded in subsequent times of reaction. On the other hand, the reaction in a condenser tool showed an opposite state of crystallization of zeolite-A. The only drawback was the appearance of quartz as an impurity phase throughout the reaction times.

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