Development of Palm Oil Extraction System

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Author(s) Basil E.Okafor
Pages 68-75
Volume 5
Issue 2
Date February,2015
Keywords Palm oil extraction, improved design, optimal temperature, improved efficiency, lagging.


This is an improved design of a palm oil extraction system with particular reference to Nigerian experience. Existing design conditions were carefully examined and necessary improvements made to enhance oil extraction efficiency. A detailed design of the oil extraction system was therefore done. The screw press design configurations, the effects of lagging, the casing of the press chamber, as well as optimal heating requirement of the system were carefully examined. A vertical oil palm digester design was made to feed the screw press by gravity. Detailed design of the screw press hereby presented. Much emphasis was however made in the use of available local construction materials. Performance test shows that the oil extraction efficiency of the screw press at an optimal temperature of 98oC is 95.7 percent.

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