Soft Handover in 3G/4G Networks Using Multiple Sector Antennas

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Author(s) Haider Albonda | Sufian Yousef
Pages 10-17
Volume 5
Issue 1
Date January, 2015
Keywords Handover, UMTS, OPNET, HTTP, FTP, RNC.


Cellular technologies are rising up continuously. It supports high speed data transfer, email, web browsing, audio streaming, multimedia and video telephony. A significant characteristic of 3G/4G technologies is the handover which is a key concept to achieve mobility and this occurs when mobile node moves from base station to another; it makes it possible for the users to travel from one cell to another without interruption;, this is known as seamless connection. One of the advantages of mobile cellular systems is mobility. Mobile node can communicate anywhere and anytime with handover from one cell to another and continuous services can be achieved. In this paper we have focused on demonstrating the effects of using cell BS with three directional antennas over the soft handover procedures of mobile UE and parameters such as handover delay, throughput, Active set count and QOS of channels such as Ec / N0 are obtained.

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