Performance Analysis of Various Windows in The Reduction Of Powerline Interference In Ecg Signal

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Author(s) Mbachu C. B.
Pages 18-25
Volume 5
Issue 1
Date January, 2015
Keywords ECG, Noise reduction, powerline, windows, Signal to noise ratio


Filtering of powerline noise is very significant in the measurement of biomedical events recording, specifically in the recording of ECG signal which is very weak in nature, about 1mV. If this powerline noise and the biomedical signals that mix up with the ECG signal are not filtered out interpretation of the recorded ECG signal may be difficult. Digital finite impulse response (FIR) filters are able to filter out these contaminating signals if properly designed and implemented. The propriety of the design includes the suitability of the window function used in weighting the digital FIR filter with respect to ECG signal processing. This work examines the effectiveness of six different types of window functions in the design and development of digital FIR notch filters for reduction of powerline interference in ECG. Results are obtained with matlab and recorded.

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