A Method for Stimulation Candidate Well Selection

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Author(s) Okotie Sylvester | Ikporo Bibobra | Ovuema Augustina
Pages 709-725
Volume 5
Issue 1
Date January, 2015
Keywords Formation Damage, Stimulation, Candidate Well Selection, Well Productivity, Skin, Production Increase, Payback Period, Economics, Fracturing.


Production enhancement can be achieved by bridging the gap between the maximum flow rate and the operating point of a well. This can be done by stimulating the well either by matrix acidization or hydraulic fracturing. However, Fracture stimulation is used to overcome the adverse effects of formation damage and low permeability, accelerate production, increase reserves and control formation solids. These fracturing applications require different fracture stimulation designs to achieve their objectives; therefore a means of evaluating treatment designs is important to determine which of well is the optimum approach. In a field that has multiple wells to stimulate, the ones of adverse effect need to be rank first. Thus, this study was carried out to develop a model for stimulation candidate well selection base on skin due to damage, production increase, economics, payback period and the R-factor. Seven wells were used and the results obtained after the candidate well selection for stimulation job will help the company to prioritize the wells based on the model they choose.

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