Effect of Magnetic Field on Convective Drying Of Ceramic Clay

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Author(s) A.A Dare | L. I Onu | R Akinoso
Pages 434-439
Volume 5
Issue 7
Date July, 2015
Keywords Innovative Drying Techniques, Magnetic Field, Ceramics, Product Quality


The concern about quality of dried products and the increasing energy costs during drying is motivating researchers to investigate and adopt innovative drying techniques capable of reducing both drying time and energy costs and at the same time improving dried product quality. Ceramic clay weighing 500 g was used for this study and the sample was dried in an experimental cabinet dryer under magnetic field range of 200 to 600 V/m and initial moisture content of 35%. The maximum temperature of 56.05 oC was attained at magnetic field strength of 600 V/m, air velocity of 2.27 m/s and final moisture content of 16.5% after 150 minutes of drying. Energy consumption decreased with increasing magnetic field and air velocity. The final moisture content under normal convective drying without the influence of magnetic field was 20.6%, suggesting that lower moisture content and improved dried product quality can be achieved during convective drying of ceramic clay by use of magnetic field.

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