Comparison Characterization of A-6(10) Laterite Soil Stabilized With Powermax Cement and Hydrated Lime Separately

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Author(s) I. Akiije
Pages 392-410
Volume 5
Issue 7
Date July, 2015
Keywords Optimum, Stabilizer, Premature, Strength, Permeability, Minimum .


This work presents the comparison of A-6(10) laterite soil stabilized with Powermax cement and hydrated lime separately in percentages of 6%, 8%, 10%, 12% and 14%. It also considered the stabilized materials suitability in relationship to their strength and permeability qualities as subbase and basecourse materials in highway pavement design and construction based upon recommended practice of AASHTO classification system. Heuristic algorithms for reasoning and decision making carried out involved considerations for basic and physico-chemical properties of the laterite soil, Powermax cement and hydrated lime to optimally arrive at design objective functions and serviceability requirements of the stabilized pavement materials. Strength and permeability qualities of natural A-6(10) laterite soil and at its maximum of 14% admixture stabilization with Powermax cement and hydrated lime separately were different. The results respectively gave OMC of 19.3%, 16.5% and 18.1%; MDD of 1.548 Mg/m³, 1.68 Mg/m³ and 1.603 Mg/m³; unsoaked CBR of 27.87%, 138.5% and 53.75%; soaked CBR of 15.9%, 220% and 41.5%; uncured shear strength of 64.947 kN/m², 279.624 kN/m² and 157.18 kN/m²; cured shear strength of 234.598 kN/m², 449.44 kN/m²and 310.591 kN/m² and k values are 10 , 10 and 10 . A-6(10) laterite soil, Powermax cement and hydrated lime are all alkaline in nature for having pH values of 12.7, 13.57 and 13.61 respectively. Also, A-6(10) laterite soil contain three major chemical constituents which are , and Al at 61.58% , 33.91% and 17.95mg/k respectively whilst similarly for Powermax cement at 64.01% , 32.22% and 17.06mg/k . Whereas the only major constituent in hydrated lime is CaO which is of 52.98% of mineral Components whilst is respectively at 1.42% and 1.82% in A-6(10) laterite soil and Powermax cement. Despite the higher percentage of CaO in hydrated lime than that of Powermax Cement, the optimum value of its CBR occurred at 8% stabilization A-6(10) laterite soil resulted to 74% of soaked value that is less than 80% recommended as minimum value but that of Powermax stabilization CBR value is 178%.

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