Adaptation Of Fengshui Based On Windflow On Shop Houses In Medan City Indonesia

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Author(s) Grace Mulyono
Pages 447-453
Volume 5
Issue 7
Date July, 2015
Keywords Fengshui, Windflow,Climate, Shop House


Fengshui is the science of architecture that evolved as an adaptation of building design to climatic and geographical conditions by the Chinese. Based on the formulation of the principle of windflow, the science of Fengshui has set several rules that regulate the position, direction and elements in architecture, so as to create harmony between the building and its environment. This study aims to identify the application of Fengshui as a form of adaptation of windflow to climatic conditions, by taking a shop house in Medan as the object of study. The principles of wind flow that moves from high pressure to low pressure was adapted to the geography and climate of Indonesia, as the basic formulation of Fengshui applications. From the study of the adaptation of Fengshui based on wind flow principles in the shop house, it can be concluded that Fengshui basically utilize the properties of air movement in an attempt to speed up, slow down, drive or divert air into the building. In architecture, the pressure difference caused by the position of the land, windows, doors and the relationship between the interior spaces was utilized to create optimal flow of ventilation.

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