A Novel Λ-Based Genetic Algorithm Solution for Economic Dispatch Problem in Large-Scale Systems

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Author(s) Mohamed.I.Mahrous | M.I.Mosaad
Pages 335-342
Volume 5
Issue 6
Date June, 2015
Keywords Economic dispatch, Genetic algorithm, Network losses, Lambda-iteration.


technique is developed. The chromosome contains only an encoding of the normalized system incremental cost in this coding technique. Therefore, the total number of bits of chromosome is entirely independent of the number of units. This salient feature makes the proposed genetic approach attractive in large and complex systems, which other methodologies may fail to achieve. Moreover, the approach can take network losses and generation limits into account because of genetic algorithm's flexibility. Numerical results on system up to 40 units show that the proposed approach is more robust than the well-known lambda-iteration method in large-scale systems.

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